Out from a leading edge design and concept and using the highest guidelines and quality standards, the ISO-SLAB system is an advantageous and easy solution for the construction of an insulated slab-on-grade.

The usage of the ISO-SLAB system is a slab-on-grade applicable for all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction.

The key features and differentiators of the ISO-SLAB system are:

The use of high density EPS polystyrene components with superior insulating capacity;
The availability of three reference configurations (14″ for standard structure, 18″ for passive house with double wall structure, 24″ commercial, multiplex and industrial) to meet the requirements of charge, depending on the nature and type of project;
The usage of an extension skirt surrounding the perimeter, compared to other construction techniques, enables to significantly increase frost protection;
Easy assembly of prefabricated components;
The ability to easily host the required reinforcing steel wire mesh, as required for the considered load, and allow easy integration of additional components for plumbing and heating;
The system concept is Canadian with 2 productions factory (Gatineau, Qc and Vancouver BC);
Delivery on Canada and USA (distributors wanted).

We are ISO-SLAB.

With the increasing demand for building without foundation, the search for better performing and leading-edge building techniques and over 40 years of experience in the construction field by its founder, the ISO-SLAB system slab-on-grade was designed, developed and perfected with the input and cooperation of an engineering firm and a leading polystyrene manufacturer.


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