The ISO-SLAB system brings upon multiple advantages and benefits within your project.


Usage of the ISO-SLAB system as slab-on-grade, brings upon significant savings in time and construction costs compared to a conventional approach by reducing the usual steps (excavation, formwork framing, formwork removal, filling, compacting and leveling).
In addition to significantly reduce excavation and work site preparation, the ISO-SLAB system eliminates the need for materials and labor related to formwork activities compared to a conventional approach.
Through its design and configuration, the ISO-SLAB system slab-on-grade, enables optimal use of concrete and reinforcing steel, bringing significant cost reductions in your overall project.

An overview of potential savings with the use of the ISO-SLAB system



The ISO-SLAB system comes with all necessary components, ready for assembly according to the configuration of your project. If necessary, the adjustment of certain components is easily done on site with basic cutting tools.
Easy installation of a metal belt perimeter (supplied with ISO-SLAB system) ensures the integrity of the assembly and provides a mechanical connection between the modules of the perimeter.
The components included are lightweight and easy to handle therefore, requiring a minimum of manpower, both for the reception and for installation of the ISO-SLAB system.
The implementation of the ISO-SLAB system only requires basic knowledge on standard construction techniques. In addition, the ISO-SLAB system includes a detailed guide to the various stages of preparation and installation.


The ISO-SLAB system is designed to meet the elements of structural compliance and frost protection, applicable to obtaining an engineering seal on a final construction blueprint.
The insulating qualities of the ISO-SLAB system increases capacity to regulate the temperature inside the building, through better use of the available thermal mass and passive solar energy and the installation of radiant heating.
A pledge to quality and performance, the realization of a project with the ISO-SLAB system collects 17 of the 65 points required for LEED certified projects.
Usage of the ISO-SLAB system eliminates the risk of moisture, radon concentration, flood and mold often associated with conventional constructions.


The availability of three configurations (14″ for standard structure, 18″ for passive house with double wall structure, 24″ commercial, multiplex and industrial) provides the flexibility to adequately respond to all types of projects, simple or complex, with different configuration features and variable surfaces.
The ISO-SLAB system is a proven construction system, adapted to the cold climate and for all types of terrain.


The use of the ISO-SLAB system can significantly reduce the construction footprint, as well as limit the environmental impact in several respects.

Associated to qualification standards relating to LEED certification, the use of the ISO-SLAB system and the absence of conventional excavation eliminate the need for heavy machinery on the site and limits the environmental impacts related to groundwater and damage to the surrounding vegetation (trees and roots).
The expanded polystyrene (EPS) used in the ISO-SLAB system, compared to the extruded process (XPS), contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, both in its manufacturing and its continued use (secondary emissions). It thus provides a healthier living environment.
All components of the ISO-SLAB system are recyclable.
Compared to an excavation and conventional construction approach, the use of the ISO-SLAB system significantly reduces construction waste generated by the construction site.


You’re planning a project that will obtain a LEED Certification?
The ISO-SLAB system can provide 17 of the 65 points required during your LEED construction project!


The ISO-SLAB system included an engineering calculation adapted to its construction technique.

Possibility of having a personalized plan to engineer your project.

ISO-SLAB sceau d'ingénieur

We are ISO-SLAB.

With the increasing demand for building without foundation, the search for better performing and leading-edge building techniques and over 40 years of experience in the construction field by its founder, the ISO-SLAB system slab-on-grade was designed, developed and perfected with the input and cooperation of an engineering firm and a leading polystyrene manufacturer.


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