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With the increasing demand for building without foundation, the search for better performing and leading-edge building techniques and over 30 years of experience in the construction field by its founder, the ISO-SLAB system slab-on-grade was designed, developed and perfected with the input and cooperation of an engineering firm and a leading polystyrene manufacturer.

To adequately meet the demands of different projects (residential, commercial or industrial), five configurations delivered in a kit were developed.

The ISO-SLAB system allows to build differently without foundation, an energy-efficient insulated structural slab and at lower costs and with reduced lead times.

The use of the ISO-SLAB system with its superior insulation and optimal use of thermal mass, is ideal for projects with radiant floor.

The system is sold by directly without intermediary and to deliver on the building sites since our 2 factories (Gatineau, Qc or Vancouver BC).

Canadian and USA patent for all five models.


Build differently without foundation....

Build on ISO-SLAB!